Corgis on High Street

I used to walk past these corgi’s every day on my way to work, and as a dog lover they always brought a smile to my face. They were installed to coincide with the 50th jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. As New Zealand is a member of the Commonwealth, Queen Elizabeth is also the Queen of New Zealand. And, the queen is well known for her corgis. The corgi at the back is sniffing a dropped ice cream.


Not everyone likes them, but I think they’re cute!

16 responses to “Corgis on High Street”

  1. Queen Elizabeth is very famous for her many corgis and doxie-corgis (Dorgis). These statues are very fitting for her jubilee.


  2. I am loving that installation. Unfortunately, in the US, some idiot would trip over these (usually on purpose) and sue the city and church and ruin the enjoyment for everyone. Glad to see the rest of the world isn’t completely devoid of humor and. Ethics yet! 😉


  3. This is very good idea! I’m a corgis fun and they deserve to be installed on the street so people can get some idea how they look like (specially americans!)


  4. What a surprise finding this! I actually own the corgis used as the models for these sculptures. The sculptor was Dr Dave Marshall a well known local Vet turned sculptor. The scenario was that they had escaped from home and were roaming through the city. The one with the ice cream is our Beetle (Merthyr Olive A Gin) – now 14 years old. The one with the leash in his mouth is Clinton – officially known as Can Ch/ NZ Grand Ch/Aust Ch Boitano President of Merthyr (USA) and the third one was a composite.


  5. I love these corgis! I am an American and have had corgis for many years. I currently have a Cardigan, but also loved my Pembrokes very much. Maybe I’ll be able to visit New Zealand one day and see them in person.


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